All-In-One Bass, Amplifier and Box from Alpine

To make your life easier, the PWA-S10V features a 10” BASSLINE™ subwoofer mounted with an MRV-M250 amplifier in a ported enclosure, eliminating the need to install a separate amplifier. The 2-ohm BASSLINE™ subwoofer and MRV-M250 amplifier combine to create 250 watts of total system power. The PWA-S10V is compatible with the remote bass knob (RUX-KNOB, sold separately) for convenient bass adjustment from the dash. The PWA-S10V comes with a BASSLINE™ grill, providing a stylish and protective finish to the subwoofer.


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Audio System Installed In 2011 Nissan Titan

Our client brought in a 2011 Nissan Titan and wanted a little more bass. We built an enclosure holding one shallow mount Pioneer 12″ subwoofer and powered it with a Pioneer mono block amp. For a head unit we went with a Kenwood double din and retained the speakers that were there. Call today for your mild to wild audio upgrades 407-704-5676.


Kenwood head unit

IMG_4268 2

Custom 12 inch enclosure


Top view custom enclosure

IMG_4273 2

Monoblock amp powering 12 inch pioneer sub



2009 honda accord

Our client came to us and wanted to so a full system in his 2009 Honda Accord. We started with the head unit, our client wanted a head unit capable of of processing audiophiles and we that with the Pioneer 80prs single din head unit. In the doors we simply upgraded his factory speakers to Mmats 6.5 components and powered them with a Hifi 6150 Amplifier. In the Trunk we did a ported box with 2 Mmats Procast 10’s and a trim panel to make it look like there is nothing there. We dynamated the whole interior to prevent road noise and rattle and called it quits with this one. Call today to price out your system today 407-704-5676.


Pioneer 80 PRS Audiophile unit installed in 2009 Honda Accord.


Mmats 6.5 component set installed in 2009 Honda Accord.


Dynamat Sound dampening installed in 2009 Honda Accord.


2009 Honda Accord doors lined with Dynamat sound dampening.


Finished Product, two Mmats Procast 10’s powered by a Hi-fi 6150 amplifier trimmed out to match the trunk.


Dynamat sound dampening installed in the trunk to prevent rattle and road noise.

Fully Dynamated trunk ready for the sub box.

Fully Dynamated trunk ready for the sub box.