New Penga Yeti Backpacks In-Stock


Just like its Panga predecessors, this pack overrules all dunks and downpours. The exterior is engineered with the same high-density, puncture- and abrasion-resistant ThickSkin™ shell and a HydroLok™ Zipper that won’t let even the strongest currents or heaviest rainfalls bust their way in.


Panga Backpack Technology and Features
Makes sure water stays out so your gear stays bone-dry, no matter how torrential it gets.

The terminal end of your HydroLok Zipper that ensures a completely airtight seal.

Our ThickSkin Shell is made of high-density nylon and thick TPU lamination to be puncture- and abrasion-resistant.


Next Level Inc. is an authorized dealer of Yeti products.

Panga Backpack Sells for $299.

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