night train mobile entertainment installation

Night Train Entertainment

Our team at Next Level Inc. has worked countless on this party bus called The Night Train.

It has never been featured on our website before and we are excited to show the details to the world. There are no pictures of our blood, sweat, or tears. Only the finished product.

When the owners of the party bus came to us to design the inside of their business, it was a great moment, and a stressful one because we knew just how much work was needed to make this project come out perfect.

The Night Train has been in business for a couple of years and on the road with many happy customers enjoying their friends and family as they drive the nights away.

Custom Ostrich print seats and trim line the bus from front to the back.

7 flat screen TV’s, countless speakers the whole length of the limo bus.

Subwoofers and speakers behind the seats and above in the ceiling from the best speaker manufactures.

Vip Section in the back of the bus with removable stripper pole.

Lights and stereo station near the back of the bus has Bluetooth connection to the stereo and DVD play for the TV’s. The lights are controlled by a system there too.

2 sinks for a bartender to pour liquid down, no running water at this time.

2 coolers, one under a row of seats for larger storage and one at the bar.

Cup holders and bottle buckets for chilling are lined behind or in front of almost every seat.

Custom wall and ceiling covers from corrugated metal.

The ceiling has LED lights all the way down to resemble stars and change color or stay on a selected color by the stereo controls.


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