Ford SuperDuty Lifted Truck

fuel rims ford truck

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This Ford F250 SuperDuty was brought in for an official lift with suspension, wheels and tires, and we even added some flare with smoked taillights. Paired with the Nightmare airboat, this combo is the ultimate package.

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Next Level Ford F-150 Customized Wheel to Roof

truck customization install lifted tires

At Next Level Inc., customization is our middle name. We customized this tenth generation F-150 to the max with new rims and tires, lifted, painted bumpers, side mirrors, custom door panels, all new seats, all new headliner, backup camera and completely custom stereo with custom lit door panels to add style to the speakers.

We even installed SeaDek in the floor and on the power-step from Amp Research! This is our first installation of a truck floor with SeaDek and everyone has been impressed when they see it.

– The Custom Dash –

The white of the dash was painted white to accent the truck and was also designed to fit a new media center. (iPad Mini) The bass nob was installed and hidden by the steering column.

When we customized the dash, an iPad Mini was chosen to play music to be an all-in-one infotainment center. In the custom design, we made the iPad Mini easily removable when needed. We can do this for your truck too!

“Removable iPad Mini!”

What Powers The Music?

The Ultimate HiFi 6 channel class D car amplifier powers the door speakers and 4 Bullet Tweeters.
• Ultra-efficient, small chassis, Direct-FET Mosfets and Burr-Brown pre-amp makes this the most powerful and technologically-advanced multi-channel amplifiers on the market today.
• 50,000 mfd capacitance on the battery inputs and 25,000 mfd capacitance on the output section, keeps the mids and highs totally clear even when the bass is pounding.
•Full 3 Year Factory Warranty
*Marine-Grade Version Available

1000 Watts RMS @ 1Ω Class D Amplifier for the 4 subwoofers with new heatsink design! More power and reliability! Models from 600 to 3000Wrms!
Extreme engineering from extreme power!
• Ultra-Efficient Class D topology reaching 83% efficiencies at full power, provides the biggest power in the smaller chassis.
• SMT assembly and 1% resistors round out a proven Power-House for any subwoofer system.
• 67,200 mfd capacitance on the battery inputs and 25,000 mfd capacitance on the outputs reinforcing the seat of the pants feeling that you can only get from a MMats Amplifier leading many people to say “MMATS amplifiers are extremely underrated”.

The MMATS CX612Pro is the highest quality and most versatile car audio crossover available today! With an array of controls, adjustments and tuning features that will take your car audio system to the next level and beyond. Featuring 6 channels of inputs and 12 channels of outputs. Both high and low level inputs through the RCA’s and with 4 band pass capable channels. Remote subwoofer level control for perfect system integration and balance. 2/4/6 channel input selector switch for extreme versatility. 15 volt rms line driver. and many more features simply make this the best car audio crossover available.

– MMats Pro Audio –

Four 8″ Speakers – Four 6″ Speakers – Four Bullet Tweeters

– Hidden Amps and 4 Pioneer Flat 10″ Subwoofers –

Pioneer’s shallow subwoofers are designed to provide wider installation options for a broad range of vehicles. These “Shallow-Mount” Subwoofers feature multiple patent-pending features to deliver the big bass performance of a full-size subwoofer, but in a compact design that can be installed either behind or under seats depending on the type of vehicle. The mounting depth is just 2-7/8″ – less than half a typical subwoofer in this class.

This 10″ shallow subwoofer delivers deep bass with top-notch sound quality thanks to features like Pioneer’s extremely strong and lightweight Interlaced Basalt/Carbon Fiber Reinforced IMPP Cone, the patent-pending M-shaped Surround, and more.

To ensure that you get more natural bass, Pioneer has incorporated out new Basalt fiber technology into their shallow subwoofers. The volcanic-rock fibers create a cone that is lightweight, rigid, well damped, stable in temperature extremes, and more environmentally friendly. In short, this bass really rocks.

– Custom Seats – Headliner – Sub Box –

-SeaDek Floor Installation-

SeaDek Marine Products Certified Installer Logo

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SeaDek is a flooring that is used mostly for marine applications, but we thought it would be a great idea to install it in this truck. Not only did we install SeaDek throughout the entire floor, but also on the power step from Amp Research.

If you have an idea of a great place that we can install SeaDek for you, call us today!

Text from SeaDek – “SeaDek is a nonabsorbent, closed cell PE/EVA blended material specifically formulated for marine applications. Sports & commercial fishing, flats boats, sailboats, ski boats, commercial marine, house boat, personal water craft, platforms and steps are just a few of the unlimited applications for SeaDek Non-Skid Marine Traction. SeaDek’s marine grade 3M™ pressure sensitive adhesive backing makes application a breeze.”

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Some text was taken from MMats Pro AudioPioneer SeaDek

ford monster truck next level

You’ve seen promotional vehicles on the road with vinyl wraps and the companies name on it. Well take a look at this Ford Monster Truck from J.S.J Unlimited that came into our shop!

ford monster truck next level

J.S.J. Unlimited Ford Monster Truck

J.S.J Unlimited is a locally owned and operated, premier landscaping service in Central Florida. Their goal is to transform your property’s exterior and provide the maintenance necessary to keep it looking its best.
This truck has one numerous truck pulls and spends most of its time playing in mud.

Mud monster truck next level orlando

Getting muddy is a southern thing

The owners of the truck came to us for custom bumpers, lights and sound, powder coating, custom sound and more. The bumpers had to be custom fabricated to hold Rigid Industries Radiance lightbars and pods. We custom build the actual headlights, installed new side mirrors, and even did a custom headliner feature.

Early stage pictures below show the work we first did to the truck. See more final images at the very bottom of this post.


Before Next Level Did Work


The truck only had a few lights tied to the frame. Those were eventually removed and replaced with new lights in custom bumpers.

To give the truck the Next Level treatment, we powder coated all the blue under the truck including springs and 4link arms. We painted the side mirrors and put new clear lenses for the turn signals. We added spike caps all around the 4 links at joints. Repainted the dash white and installed with new light switches. New custom made leather seats were installed for a clean and custom look for the Ford. Three JL Audio 12″ subwoofer in a custom box with an amp were installed behind the back seat to add even more sound to truck. We also had a new steal plate on the frame etched with our name and JSJ Unlimited.


Since these pictures featured above, we have updated the truck with even more! See video of the final work done on the Monster Truck.


We had 2 custom bumpers fabricated for the truck. The new front bumper was made to fit two 30″ Rigid Industries light bars and 4 Rigid Pod lights. The new rear bumper was made to house 4 more Pod lights. Each new Rigid Industries light comes from their Radiance series of lights that can be switched on to glow the color blue, at the same time, have the white lights controlled On or Off. A very cool feature from Rigid that we have been installing on other vehicles.

Notice our latest update to the Ford featured in the last two pictures above. We installed a custom illuminated headliner with the J.S.J logo in blue when switched on.

We here at Next Level Inc. take pride in our work and give all of our customers that purchase products through us, a lifetime warranty on all labor.

See the video below of the truck before the newest updates, but winning at a truck pull.

Thank you J.S.J. Unlimited for coming to our shop and letting us work on the truck!

If you have questions about this truck, J.S.J. Unlimited or how we can work on your vehicles, please call us today at 407-704-5676.

Or email us at

monster truck ford next level

J.S.J. Unlimited Ford Monster Truck

JL Stealth Box Install On 2010 F-250

custom truck orlando
Ford F-250

2010 Ford F-250

JL Amplifier installed in F-250

JL Amplifier installed in F-250

JL stealth box installed in F-250

JL stealth box installed in F-250

Ford F-250 stealth sub install

Ford F-250 stealth sub install

Rough Country 6″ Inch Lift On 2015 F-250

Our client brought us their 2015 F-250 and wanted to do an affordable but quality lift kit with a warranty. We installed a Rough Country 6 inch lift to give a more aggressive look and fit bigger tires. Call today for a free quote 407-704-5676.


2015 F-250 with a 6 Inch Rough Country Lift

2015 F-250 with a 6 Inch Rough Country Lift

2015 F-250 with a 6 Inch Rough Country Lift


2015 F-250 with a 6 Inch Rough Country Lift


Rigid Industries RDS 54″ Lightbar Installed On a 2003 F350

Rigid Industries RDS 54″ LED lighter installed on 2003 F-250. Our client wanted more light and we gave them just that with the strongest lighter rigid has to offer. Call today for a quote 0n your vehicle 407-704-5676.

IMG_4288 3

2003 F350 with 54″ rigid

IMG_4291 3

Up close view 54″ rigid

IMG_4292 3

F350 Looking good with 54″ rigid

Smart Start GPS Installed In 2016 Ford F-250

A client brought in a brand new 2016 Ford F-250 looking to get his windows tinted and a GPS installed. We installed a Smart Start GPS that you can track with an app on a smartphone. Call today to price out your many GPS options 407-704-5676.


Recon Smoked Cab Lights

2016 F-250 Tinted Windows

2016 F-250 Tinted Windows

Custom Audio System In 1971 Ford Mach 1 Mustang

A client came to us with a 1971 Mustang Mach 1 looking to get a custom sound system installed. We decided to put a MMats Pro Audio system in with Custom kick panels for two 6.5″ speakers in the front and two 6×9″ speakers mounted in the back deck. All of these speakers are powered by a MMats MPA470 amplifier and a Classic car stereo with USB and aux inputs. Call today for all custom audio options for your classic car 407-704-5676.

Classic car stereo

Classic car stereo

6x9" mounted in back deck

6×9″ mounted in back deck

Custom front kick panels

Custom front kick panels

1971 Ford Mach 1

1971 Ford Mach 1

2015 Mustang App Control LED Underglow

Client came to us with a brand new 2015 Ford Mustang wanting an interior and exterior underglow kit. We added lights under the dash for the interior and inside of the grill and underneath for the exterior. These lights are also able to be controlled through an app on the clients smartphone to change the color and pattern. 407-704-5676


2015 Ford Mustang Underglow kit

Ford Mustang Underglow kit

2015 Mustang Interior LED


2015 Mustang Exterior Grill LED

Custom Paint and accessories installed on a 2012 Ford F-250

Our client wanted to build his 2012 Ford F-250 in stages and we just completed the first stage. We color matched anything that was not black or silver like the truck and coated all the plastics in spray on bed liner. On the front bumper we color matched it from the factory chrome and installed 2 Rigid Q series lights and a 20″ E series LED light bar. We color matched the rear bumper as well and installed 2 Rigid SR series flush mount lights to make backing up at night easy. We replaced the factory had lights, tail lights, third break light and mirror lights to Recon LED lights. The custom paint and accessories took this plane jane F-250 from a basic truck you see everyday on the road to the Next Level. Call today to price out your custom options and let us take your vehicle or boat to the Next Level 407-704-5676.

Fuel rims, Toyo Tires, custom paint, Rigid LED bars, and Recon headlights installed on a 2012 Ford F-250.

Fuel rims, Toyo Tires, custom paint, Rigid LED bars, and Recon headlights installed on a 2012 Ford F-250.

Custom rhino lined and color matched grill and bumper with Recon headlights and Rigid LED bars.

Custom spray on bed liner and color matched grill and bumper with Recon headlights and Rigid LED bars.

Custom Painted Ford emblems, color matched bumper, Recon Tailights and rigid SR series LED back up lights installed on a F-250.

Custom Painted Ford emblems, color matched bumper, Recon Tailights and rigid SR series LED back up lights installed on a F-250.

Custom rhino lined and painted emblems and mirrors on a 2012 Ford F-250.

Custom spray on bed liner and painted emblems and mirrors on a 2012 Ford F-250.